Shoulder problems are some of the most common injuries osteopaths encounter and can cover a wide range of diagnoses such as rotator cuff problems and frozen shoulder. As the shoulder joint is one of the most mobile peripheral joints in the body it can be subject to overstrain and instability. Being such a complex and unique joint, there are many different reasons that might cause shoulder symptoms and the neck and upper back are also often involved as well.
Shoulder pain symptoms can be varied. Your symptoms may include sharp pain on particular movement, or stiffness and discomfort throughout the day or on exercise. Symptoms might also include a sensation of weakness or pins and needles radiating into the arm.
Shoulder problems are often connected to the upper back and neck and it is not uncommon for these areas to also present with pain.
Osteopaths are trained to provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment with the aim of relieving pain, restoring range of motion and restoring the shoulder joint to normal function. During your consultatin at Sabai Leela, you may also be given appropriate strengthening exercises to improve recovery and restore normal function of the shoulder.
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