Terms such as “slipped disc”, “ruptured disc” or “prolapsed disc” refer to where the disc has sustained some physical damage, that may manifest in severe back pain and radiating symptoms into the arms or legs. Bearing this in mind, disc problems take time to resolve as the body needs time to repair damaged tissue and resolve the symptoms of inflammation. Osteopathy can be effective however in providing pain relief, greater mobility and accelerating the healing process, allowing for a faster, fuller recovery.
Slipped disc pain can be extremely debilitating including pain in the back, arms or legs. Pins and needles, numbness and weakness are also common and may be intermittent or continual. In severe cases, bladder and bowel function may also be affected – if you are notice these symptoms, it is important that you seek medical advice urgently.
In acute stages osteopathy can be helpful in easing the protective spasm around the symptomatic disc and improving the mechanical function the spine. In the long term, while massage and painkillers may help, they may not fully resolve why the pain occurred in the first place and may in fact aggravate the problem further. Even if you have had surgery, osteopathic treatment can be a remarkably effective tool in managing the symptoms and improving your recovery and overall spinal health.
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