Sciatica is a term to describe symptoms that can include pain running through your buttock region and down the back of the leg, as well as possible loss of muscle power and/or sensory changes such as pins and needles, numbness or sharp pain.
Sciatica can be caused by a host of problems such as muscle tightness, disc bulge or structural problems in the lower back and often the pain can bear no relation to the actual site of nerve irritation or why it is happening. It is therefore best advised that a clinical professional such as an osteopath is consulted to evaluate and provide appropriate advice and/or treatment.
Symptoms can range from intermittent pins and needles and weakness, to constant pain and sharpness on movement. This may also be accompanied by pain in the lower back, leg and feet.
Osteopaths are trained to identify and diagnose the causes of sciatic pain and to treat accordingly. In addition to soft tissue and joint mobilisation, this may also include prescribing long term exercise and lifestyle advice to ensure the sciatic nerve remains free of irritation and prevents a reoccurrence of symptoms.
At Sabai Leela we will work to provide you with as much immediate relief from the initial symptoms as possible. Treatment should then be specific and effective; occasionally there may be cause for further investigation but then you will be advised about appropriate action in the meantime. Even if you already have a diagnosis such as disc herniation, you may well benefit from treatment because an improvement to the function of the local musculoskeletal structures usually offers some relief and can speed up tissue recovery.
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