It is estimated that up to 85% of the population will suffer from low back pain at some stage in their lives. More than half will have at least one recurring episode.
The NHS and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend osteopathy as effective treatment for persistent lower back pain.
Osteopaths are trained professionals who specialise in assessing, treating and managing low back pain.
Symptoms can range from sudden, severe back pain that can be caused by relatively minor and trivial movement – to gradual low grade back ache with some stiffness.
While massage, painkillers and rest can help, there are many structures in the back which can cause pain locally and often the underlying problems can be complex.
In some cases lower back pain can be accompanied by “sciatica” or pain radiating to the leg, numbness and/or weakness. It is always best to ensure your back pain is assessed by a clinical professional to diagnose and address the underlying causes correctly.
An accurate diagnosis, correct treatment and expert advice for long term management and exercise are the best solutions to resolve back pain and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.
At Sabai Leela Osteopathy, we have experience in successfully treating back pain for many patients. Our aim is to provide you with relief as quickly as possible and to empower you with the correct management, knowledge and exercise to ensure that your back feels healthier, stronger and less likely to be injured again in the future.
We don’t believe in treating our patients for longer than is necessary and ultimately we want YOU to be able to enjoy long term relief and management of your back pain.
To discuss your back pain or to make an appointment, please do call us on 0207 373 7763 or email our osteopath Peter at relax@sabaileela.com
“I was diagnosed with a herniated disc around L4 or L5 a couple of years ago. I work long hours and it gradually got worse and worse – I’d seen a physio and another osteopath before but the relief had only been temporary. I’d even discussed with a specialist about surgery, which I was really worried about.
Peter is the first person I’ve seen to properly explain what’s going on with my back and to give me some really useful advice that I could take away to help. Since I’ve seen him, my pain has improved so much – I only drop in now for maintenance and I absolutely believe that with his help, I’ve been able to avoid the surgery.”
Philip, Financial Adviser
“I don’t let anyone else touch my back except for Peter! When I went to see a physio, they said I’d be out for 2 weeks – Peter had me back on my feet in 2 days! He is a miracle worker!”
Sarah, Business Analyst