The function of the knee is to support our bodily weight and provide locomotion. As such is it is one of the commonly injured joints and osteopaths see knee injuries regularly.
Some common injuries to the knee are:
Cruciate ligament tears – this occurs when excessive force is applied to the knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament is the most common to be injured and this injury is always accompanied by other damage within the knee usually the collateral ligaments and joint capsule.
Lateral Collatral ligament tears – forced movement of the leg can result in injury to this ligament. The lateral ligament is more prone to injury than the medial ligament.
Prepatella and superficial infrapatella bursa inflammation.
Osteoarthritis – People with osteoarthritis of the knee usually complain that the knee is painful or aching. The knee may feel stiff at certain times often in the mornings or after rest. You may have pain all around the joint or just in one particular place and the pain may be worse after a certain activity, such as using the stairs.
Meniscal/cartilage tears – the medial meniscus is damaged most frequently and occurs when the knee is rotated excessively.
Depending on the injury, knee pain can present as localised swelling and inflammation in the joint with stiffness and pain on movemenet. If a ligament tear is indicated, there may also be sharp pain at very specific points of the knee.
During your first consultation, an osteopath is trained to carry out specific movements and orthopaedic testing to ascertain exactly what the injury is and the extent to which structures may be damaged and need repair.
Osteopath treatments for the knee can be very beneficial in improving stability, restoring joint function and reducing pain. Gentle stretching and mobilisation of the knee using osteopathic manipulation can help the knee regain a full and pain free range of motion.
At Sabai Leela Osteopathy we are experts in sport injuries and rehabilitation therapy and you will be given correct exercises to give your knee the best chance possible to naturally heal.
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